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Try to keep your morale high enough to avoid his Darkbreath. Using 4 unions is enough, one union heals the others (while three others are deadlocked). I think Ancient dragon is not a big problem, because his attack doesn't installkill. So, this's my way. I don't know which leaders you're using, but I'd like to use Athlum's generals and David. Rush's quite not useful as a leader in this kind of battle, if your BR's still low. Silencer, paralyze gas or silent gas are OK, but only in that turn. Good luck. If i could also add, i would reccomend being at least battle rank 55-60. It is a lot easier at 60. what i added is in italics--Shirocano 03:59, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

You should fight him like any dragon:

  • 5 Unions to deadlock/flank the dragon at least in round 1 to keep morale high. After that, use "attack from the sides" command on the flanking unions. This way only one needs to be deadlocked with the dragon.
  • Vampire or vanguard formation to reduce number of units hit by the dragons AE attack
  • Each union need a reviver (preferably via item arts).
  • Skills that make fight really easy: Psionics: Bluff, Addle; Hex: Dispirit. By increasing your morale you take less damage, deal more and the dragon will use desperate wail at end of most turns instead of any breath attack, so you avoid even more damage/deaths.
  • Cachexia might be used to prevent his end-of-turn attacks, but i haven't tried that yet.

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