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                        • Do not do what is mentioned above for oxycotin/percocet. Doctors will not give you this type of drug for stress/suicidalthoughts/panic. Oxycotin can even make those symptoms worse. Oxys are prescibed for people with accute pain such as back pain or broken bones. The only true way to get a prescription for oxy/percs are to have a broken bone/burns/back pains ect.

The most direct way to ask for Xanax? ASK FOR XANAX!!! Or at least suggest it, say a friend you know uses it and it seems to work, etc.

First off, doctors are not idiots about this kind of thing. Any idiot can go in there and say the stuff listed above, and many try. In school they teach you to look for signs that someone just wants the drug to misuse it. One of these way is to tell the doctor that you want a specific drug when you go in for your first visit without the doctor diagnosing you. This is due to the fact that you have diagnosed yourself with a disorder in order to get prescribed a powerful drug.

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