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You have two options: 1)sell your body 2)make crappy Jonas Brothers-esque pop rock music.

Ok,seriously,there's no truly easy way to be famous.It takes time and talent.

You first have to make sure you have the talent.Take voice lessons,and playing an instrument always helps.

Then you have to figure out what type of music you want to sing. Start writing songs,and GET THEM CRITICIZED.Have people besides mom and dad or friends listen to your music.Like a music teacher.

      • DO NOT PUT YOUR SONGS ON THE INTERNET UNTIL YOU HAVE THEM COPYRIGHTED!!!!***So many of my friends who have bands put their music on Myspace and it get's stolen.I recommend doing a poor man's copyright.It can be a little confusing,and you'll have to have someone help you with this.If and when your music career starts getting more successful,you can get a better copyright.

After you get some sort of copyright,you can put your songs on the internet and have people critic them.Take whatever advice you are given and try to make your music more appealing.

When you honestly believe your music is up to record label standards,start attracting people to your music.Put your music EVERYWHERE.Myspace,Facebook,YouTube,etc.... your music wherever you possibly can.And start gigging your face off.I'd also recommend at this point to put a demo package together.This includes your BEST songs on CD(no more than 3),a written biography,ONE great professional photo,videos,etc.You're also gonna want to get a manager at this point.Make sure it's someone who knows what they're doing,and someone you trust.

Research your desired record companies(actually,do this early on).Send out your demo packages to these companies.Pray that they like you.

That's really all there is I can say.The rest is determination.And remember,this all takes a lot of time.As in,years.Good luck.

yahhhhhhhhhhhh gooooooooooodd luuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk

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