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There is an easy way and a hard way.

The easy way
  1. Run to the Ruins of Lordaeron above the Undercity and find the Orb of Translocation.
  2. Use the Orb of Translocation to get to Sunfury Spire in Silvermoon City.
  3. Exit through the south wall of Silvermoon City and follow the road that goes south on the west side of the Dead Scar.
  4. Follow this road south until you get to the Ghostlands (you will have to cross the southern part of the Dead Scar before you enter the Ghostlands, but make sure you are going directly south).
The hard way
  1. Take the east road from Tirisfal Glades through the Bulwark to the Western Plaguelands.
  2. Follow the road east until you cross the bridge over the Thondroril River and into Eastern Plaguelands.
  3. Continue east until you get to Corin's Crossing and take the north fork.
  4. Continue north and keep to the left as you pass the small fork for the Eastwall Tower (which should be on your right).
  5. The road will veer slightly west through a cleft in the hills, but continue north (right) when you hit a major fork in the road.
  6. Head straight north past the Northpass Tower (which should be on your left) until you get to the gate (portal) leading to the Ghostlands.

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