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Flame Dragon 1- HP: 5,724 Flame Dragon 2- HP: 5,348

               Exp: 2,502                        Exp: 2,502
               Coins: 1,521                      Coins: 1,872

You will encounter the Flame Dragons encased in ICE in the heart of Mars Lighthouse. Pretty ironic. Once you Blaze the dragon heads on the sides of the ice and Burst the ice open, they will show their appreciation by viciously attacking you! Note that Flame Dragon 1 is slightly larger than Flame Dragon 2.

Character Levels and Classes Isaac Lv.36 Slayer: 8 Venus Jenna Lv.36 Justice: 8 Mars Sheba Lv.36 Sorcerer: 8 Jupiter Piers Lv.36 Admiral: 8 Mercury

You won't need the backup party now. The Flame Dragons are pretty similar, but the larger one has stronger attacks, worst of which is Meteor Blow. The smaller one has Djinnfest, putting one Djinni of every person on standby. The HP difference is barely there, so just pick one and stick with it. Note that Isaac is wielding the Sol Blade.

Turn 1(and all following turns): Isaac attacks Jenna casts Cool Aura Sheba casts High Impact four times, then Resist four times, then strongest Psy Piers casts Diamond Burg/Pure Ply *or* Restore on stunned characters

This boss battle is a cheap ripoff of the Agatio and Karst battle in Jupiter Lighthouse. They have the same attacks, save Death Scythe, and learned Flame Breath. Jenna heals constantly. High Impact powers up Isaac's Sol Blade unleash and Piers' Diamond Burg. Have Piers cast Ply Well/Pure Ply if only one person needs healing. This is a very easy battle, I don't know why the boss battle music is playing. Remember to cast High Impact and Resist before the effects of the first four run out(they last seven turns from the last time you used them).

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