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  • This is a growing file; known methods are not yet comprehensively posted in list.
  • Target: Open a folder on each method or option; post related discussion notes and links.
  • All are invited to send notes on proposed or achieved methods of making and collecting energy from kite systems. If the title is still black, then the folder has not been started yet.

Is your pet method to kite noticed yet? Is there something about this list that you would like changed?

  • Generator based at ground or water surface
  • Reel
  • Rail-car
  • Sailed rail car
  • Single-loop through two ground pulleys
  • Flipper
  • SputnikTM
  • Wriggle line
  • WindBeltTM
  • Torsion line
  • LadderMillTM
  • Big Wheel Merry-go-round generator
  • Kite-pulled water turbine
  • Line resonance
  • Kite-pulled wheeled generator

  • Generator in sky (energy transport options are several)
  • Kytoon-lofted WarpTM
  • MagGennTM Magenn Air Rotor System (M.A.R.S.)
  • Wind Dam
  • Dynamically-coupled kites (DCK)
  • Kite-lifted spinners.

  • Energy transport options
  • Electric conductor lines from sky-based generator
  • Form lasers in sky and then transport energy via power-beam or fiber optics
  • Power beaming
  • Water head
  • Heat
  • Produce hydrogen from water in air
  • Use mechanical tug of ships by kite systems. This saves having to use the oil cycle.
  • Energy storage options
  • Pump water to a heightened head
  • Charge ultracapacitors
  • Charge batteries
  • Enter the electricity to an extant grid for direct use or storage via grid-support storage
  • Flywheel
  • Lift mass up incline or up tower

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