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In general, while tauri are very good at displaying indifference and anger, they will be slow to show affection. The best way to ensure that a taurus likes you is to cultivate a relationship with the taurus, preferably from birth. Bring water and food to the taurus, speak with a soothing tone, and attempt to stroke it like you would any household pet. Should the taurus permit your affections, or even better nuzzle your hand, you will know that the taurus likes you. Fortunately, boves (better knows as "cows") rarely display jealousy, so you need not worry about being attacked for seducing the bull.

They try to make a conversation with you. They are determined to be around you and they stare at you often. It's true when they are looking for the one that they want the pretty and quiet gal.They would never be chasing after a girl who is wanted by others because they want a high quality woman who is for the long haul.

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