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If you are asking this question, you probably suspect it and may have seen some signs. Having had this experience, I think it is a gut feeling but you don’t want to believe. Asking them usually means you still don’t know as they may well say no they’re not. Signs can be - a feeling that they are a bit distant, coming home late, smelling of perfume (!). I had that last one and commented on it and was told the cleaner at work was using a new air freshener. I accepted the explanation but my gut feelings knew it wasn’t the case. Avoiding sex with you is another one. Or increased sex or different sex. They just behave differently. I am assuming you mean actually having an affair, because there is also being mentally unfaithful - eg with someone on the internet.

You could try talking to him and then think about what he says afterwards. So maybe say, what you have noticed is different, and ask if he is seeing someone else. If he says yes, then you have a lot on your plate to deal with now. But I think it is very common for them to say no, even when they are, so a no answer isn’t much help sometimes. Think about it, if someone is cheating on you behind your back it’s because they don’t want you to know. Either because they want to have their cake and eat it, or because they think of it as just a fling, or because they haven’t made their mind up whether to leave you or not and are trying to decide.Having someone you can call your boyfriend or girlfriend is a very happy thing but when one starts to have doubts about them, whats the whole point of it then. Knowing whats going on in your relationship gives you some kind of hope and stronghold in the relationship, helping you to decide if you want to give it up or work. it’s a good thing we have people like HACKSTAR010 who you can contact via g mail to help us out from all this relationship dramas.The other day my cousin also was feeling insecure and all that about her boyfriend I just told her to talk to her and she did and she solved her own issues too.HACKSTAR010ATGMAIL..COM