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Shortly. Learning by Doing ^^. All Charackters learn new Arts or upgrade the old ones by Using the Art Family. For Example. Attack only with the Attack command and the Chars in the Union will learn a Physical Art after some Time ( Which depends on what Weapon and which Fighting Style they Use ). Then using the Physical Attack command, and they will upgrade theire Arts. Its the Same for Mystic, Item or any other Art Familys. Some Arts are easyer to learn than other. When you recruit a Char he has one or more Starting skills. Put chars together with Similar Skill Familys and it is easyer than putting someone with Mystic Attack ans someone with Weapon Arts together in one Union, since the Chance to learn or Upgrade a Art depends on how much u use the skill Family with one char. And Leaders will ask you sometimes should they learn a new Skill Family. You can Choose then Yes or Focus on what they have at this Time.

PS: Sorry for the bad Gramatics --Arandur80 00:09, 24 May 2009 (UTC)

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