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To make 10K in a day is easy, all you need is a full inventory of rune essences , take them too the air temple near Falador and look for someone offering 2K and Noted Essences, they should give you 2k and your essences back. Run back to the closest back put the noted essences and money in and withdraw a full inventory more and run back, do this over and over till you have 10K. I haven't done it in ages though so I don't know if that still works lol.. search or Google Air Running..


Actually, it is better to just Request Assist someone with high Runecrafting, and then make the runes. They'll get xp, you'll get more air runes than you would get if you made them yourself. This can make you a great profit! _______________________________

If you're a new player, mine 60 copper and 60 tin in the mines south of Lumbridge, then forge them into bronze at the Lumbridge furnace, using the Lumbridge bank on the third floor of the castle. Then get some food and WALK toward Varrock; when the wizards start shooting at you RUN into the city, then walk to the Grand Exchange. Withdraw your bronze bars from the bankers and sell them on the Grand Exchange.

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