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You really have to be a member to make money like this. F2P is really restricted in this regard.

Train to a high combat, do the quests to get "fighter torso", nickel and dime for deacent leg armour, and borrow a whip. Then go to the God Wars Dungon, and join somebody's "LS Only Bandos Mass".

After missing enough drops worth 15m+, you may get lucky yourself with a gwd (bandos) drop.

Enjoy your new armour, rinse, and repeat. Eventually you will be 110+ combat, then 120+, maybe even a godsword.

Alternativly, Armadyl (Arma) LS masses are becoming more popular. Buy some bronze or iron knives and train on yaks. Get 95+ ranged. Train 85+ and 85+hp. Use the minigame "pest control" for defense, if you have to. These two stats are important to go arma with. Next is hp, prayer, and magic.

You will want 70 prayer before doing either of the above.

PS: Don't join a merching clan. I own one, and I am the only person (besides my friends in real life) that know what the item is going to be. We buy out the item early, and let the clan force it's GE value to raise by buying it out completly. Then, we will dump all of our stock on the GE at the same time, for an inflated price. Everyone else get's screwed. It works every time, I laugh so hard every time I do it... Or you can go to

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