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I am a little confused on what exaclty you are asking here, but will take an educated guess that you are referring to a nomination for player moderator status.

There is no way that you can be "nominated" for a moderator position. In fact, Jagex has stated that actively requesting moderator status will actually decrease your chances of becoming one. Jagex has always been a bit unclear on how exactly moderators are picked in order to avoid people abusing the system, but we do have a few rules that seem to be fairly accurate and can be summarized in three points.

  • Be respectful to others - This refers more to following the spirit of the rules that the letter. A player who constantly toes the line and is generally annoying would not be a good candidate for moderator status.
  • Be experienced - Though you may see a few moderators at low combat levels, rest assured that they have a good number of hours of game play. Jagex wants to be sure that players will stick with the game and that they know a good bit about it.
  • Make QUALITY reports - All too often, people think that it is the quantity of reports that achieves moderator status. Quality is probably a bigger impact on this however. This means that you do not have to report every little violation you see. Report for the things that really need it, and make sure that you get the correct category to report in!

If this does not answer what you were asking, I'm sorry. Please go ahead and post another question, but with a few more details.

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