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Some languages don't just have 'hello'. Some, quite a few actually, have greetings for times of the day (like good morning). Having said that, here are a few that I know of.


  1. Ohayo goezaimasu (Ohio go-eh-zeye-mahs) Good morning
  2. Konichiwa (Ko-nee-chee-wa) Good afternoon
  3. Konbanwa (Kone-bon-wa) Good evening


  1. Hola (Hi)
  2. Buenos dias (Good Morning)
  3. Buenas tardes (Good Afternoon)
  4. Buenas noches (Good Evening)


Greeting IPA Translation
Ciao /ˈtʃa.o/ (Hello/Bye)
Salve /ˈ (Hello)
Buongiorno /ˌbwɔnˈdʒ (Good Day, Good Morning)
Buon pomeriggio /ˈbwɔn po.meˈrid.dʒo/ (Good Afternoon)
Buona sera /ˈbwɔ.na ˈse.ra/ (Good Evening)
Buona notte /ˈbwɔ.na ˈnɔt.te/ (Good Night)

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