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In FFXI, Crystal Synthesis is accomplished by using special crystals and providing raw materials in order to create another game item.

Normally the crystals are found by attacking and killing monsters that are rated Easy Prey or higher while having the Signet effect or a similar effect applied to your character. Crystals can also be found by attacking and killing elementals. Killing these monsters is guaranteed to drop at least 1 cluster of the same element (Note this does not apply to summoned elementals {IE Yagudo's Elemental}). Using the cluster will yield 12 crystals. For example, killing a Lightning elemental will yield at least one Lightning Cluster. Using this will yield exactly 12 Lightning crystals you can use for synthesis.

Raw materials can be found in a number of different manners, from killing monsters for a random drop of items, to logging wood, fishing fish and items out of the waters, mining raw ores out of the ground or harvesting grasses, plants and flowers from specials points in the area your character is in. While this list is not exhaustive it gives you a good start in finding stuff. By far, the best way to find materials you're looking for is by searching the auction houses in different cities. Not all the auction houses are linked to each other so checking one in San D'Oria will not show you what is available in Windurst, Bastok or Jeuno. You'll potentially need to check them all to find what you need. the Auction houses are stocked by adventurers like yourself that find items they do not need and offer them for sale to everyone else at a price in Gil. The Auction house bidding system is something I could go into at depth however the basics of bidding is you offer an amount you think is fair for an item and if anyone has listed the item to sell at a minimum price that is lower than your offer, the bid will be successful, otherwise you'll need to offer more.

Once you have all the materials you need the last item that you'll need is skill in the craft of whatever it is you're trying to make. Everything has a set difficulty in making from 1 all the way to 100. The higher the number, the harder it is to make and the more skill you'll need to craft it. Generally however, having a skill level relatively close to the skill level of the item will mean a fair chance of a successful crafting attempt. Personally I tend to stay within a difference of 5 points. Using the Crystal will bring up a screen with 8 slots in it. Each of these slots is for an item or multiple items of the same type.

once you have loaded the slots with the raw ingredients, one of three things will happen. First there is the possibility that you entered the wrong ingredients in which case the crafting attempt will not even begin and you'll be told that you can not synthesize with this combination if ingredients. My suggestion in this case is to go back and look at the recipe again to see if you used the right items for the crystal that you are using. The second thing that might happen is you have a successful attempt and gain an item. When you are successful in your attempt there is a chance that you may craft a High Quality item or more of the item that would usually be created by a Normal Quality attempt. For example using a wind crystal and a Oak Log as an ingredient will yield (if Successful) 1 Oak Lumber, however if you're successful and it goes High Quality, you have the chance to obtain up to 4 pieces instead of the normal one. for items such as armor and weapons, the same High Quality Attempt can yield a +1 piece of equipment instead of the normal version which carries slightly better stats. The third and last thing that could happen though is a synthesis failure in which case the on screen animation shows the crystal exploding at the end. In this case you're guaranteed to lose the crystal that you were using and there is a random chance you can lose all, none or some of the ingredients that you were using. In addition to successful and unsuccessful crafting attempts there is also a random chance to gain additional skill in the craft you're trying to make the item in. For example if I craft lumber from logs I stand a chance to gain a 0.1 to 0.3 increase in woodworking skill. the same holds true for cooking, clothcrafting, bonecrafting and the other major crafts in the game. the random chance does have a few conditions though. firstly you need to successfully craft the item you're trying to make. If you're unsuccessful in your attempt, as long as you're within 5 skill points of the items skill level you stand a chance to gain a skill increase. Secondly, you can only gain skill up to and including the level of the item you're trying to make. If I have level 95 Woodworking and attempt to make Arrowwood lumber (a low level synth) there is no possible way that I would gain a skill increase. I would need to craft something level 96 or higher to possibly gain a skill increase. thirdly you can not be wearing any equipment that specifically cancels any chance of skill increases. In this manner it is possible to keep getting better and making new items. someone with no skill in Woodworking shouldn't be able to make a royal bed, however with enough practice in other items that are more within their current range they would be able to eventually.

While this answer may not be the end-all-be-all of answers, it should serve as a basic primer to getting started. Many sites have detailed information on crafting and guides on how to level crafts so I would encourage readers to search these out and get to know what you're doing before you start. While crafting and selling items on the Auction house can be a very profitable experience, it can also be a very huge money trap if you do it the wrong way.

Good Luck

Shiva.chimera 20:05, 2 May 2009 (UTC)

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