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Here are some signs that your boyfriend may be cheating on the dookins .

1.) The Time Factor: The first sign that your boyfriend may be cheating, would be a sudden decrease in the time he spends with you. Also, if you notice that when you do spend time with him, he may seem to be distant, unhappy, bored etc... Also, if there is an increase in unexplained lost time. If you know he is not working late, or hanging out with "Joe" and there are hours that he cannot account for. If he is starting to make excuses to not spend time with you. If he is "hanging out with the guys" more often than usual, and he seems to be gone for longer periods of time. He makes plans to do things and go places, and he does not involve you in those plans. If he complains about feeling smothered, and he tells you that he needs more time to himself. If he calls you less often, doesn't call you at all, or doesn't seem to care whether you call him or not. If he seems to be in a hurry to drop you off when you both go out, or he is in a hurry to leave when he is hanging out with you, there is a possibility that he may be seeing someone else.

2.) The Fight Factor: The second sign that your boyfriend may be cheating, would be an increase in arguments. If you and your boyfriend are suddenly arguing and fighting more often than usual. When the fights and arguments between the both of you are getting more heated, or severe, this is a good indicator of infidelity. If your boyfriend is starting to become confrontational, or he is taking your faults and flaws, magnifying them, and throwing them in your face. If the things he says to you during fights and arguments are more hurtful than the usual "fight words" he uses, and he shows less consideration for your feelings all together there is a possibility that he is seeing someone else.

3.) The Affection Factor: The third sign that your boyfriend may be cheating on you, would be a noticeable lack of affection. If he holds you less, forgets to tell you he loves you, doesn't tell you that he thinks you're beautiful, doesn't call you by the cute pet names he has for you, etc... If there is a sudden decrease in sexual activity between the both of you, and he seems less interested in having sex with you. If he acts differently before, during, or after sex. If he often makes excuses to not have sex with you, or he stops initiating the act. If he becomes defensive when you confront him over the intimacy issues, and denies that there is anything wrong, there is a possibility that he is seeing someone else.

4.) The Guilt Factor: The fourth sign that your boyfriend may be cheating on you, would be an overwhelming sense of guilt. If your boyfriend seems to be feeling guilty for something he may have done. You can tell when a man is feeling guilty just by the expression on his face. If he has a sad look on his face, and he tends to stare off at no particular person or thing, and he is having a hard time making eye contact with you, he may be feeling guilty. Sometimes a guilty expression can be misinterpreted as the man just having a bad day, but when it comes to this particular characteristic, you must pay close attention and follow your gut instincts. If you know your boyfriend, you should be able to sense when he is feeling guilty. If he displays guilty behavior such as stammering, or he seems uneasy and can't sit still. If he avoids certain subjects in your conversation, especially when it pertains to who, what, when, or where. If your boyfriend is omitting a guilty charisma, there is a possibility he may be seeing someone else.

5.) The Trust Factor: The fifth sign your boyfriend may be cheating on you, would be a sudden lack of trust in you. If your boyfriend begins to question your behavior, and he starts hinting around at not having faith in you, there could be a problem. The trust issue actually originates from the guilt factor. Your boyfriend may accuse you of being unfaithful if he feels guilty about what he has done. If there were existing trust issues prior to your boyfriend cheating on you, he may use those trust issues to justify the act of infidelity itself. For example, once he is caught cheating he might say something like, "Oh well, you never trusted me anyway."; or the double edged sword, he may say something like, "Oh well, I'm not so sure about what you've been up to yourself." If your boyfriend is cheating on you, and he is accusing you of cheating on him, he may actually be hoping that you are cheating on him, because it gives him a protective, yet false sense of justification. It is a fact, that you cannot have a relationship if there is no trust. If your boyfriend does not trust you, there is a possibility that he may be seeing someone else.

6.) The Suspicious Factor: The sixth sign that your boyfriend may be cheating on you, would be the more obvious, suspicious behavior he may display as a cheating boyfriend. Suspicious behavior such as leaving the room for certain phone calls, ignoring certain phone calls while in your inescapable presence (riding in the car together), a constantly blank call history on his cell phone, a name of a person he never mentioned, and continues not to mention in his contact list on his cell phone (he could have her down as a he), he does not allow you to touch his cell phone for any reason, secretive text messaging etc... Some other suspicious, but unmistakable behaviors of a cheating boyfriend would be, him looking over his shoulder while he is out in public with you, and keeping an alert eye out for someone who may see the two of you together. If he avoids certain stores, restaurants, bars, or community get togethers like the plague. When he avoids the previously mentioned places only when he is with you, and you just happen to know he is a regular at those places. If he comes home and has very minimal contact with you until he has showered. If you smell another woman's perfume on his clothes. If you spot makeup that is not yours on his skin or clothes. If you find feminine artifacts in his car or bedroom that don't belong to you. There are more suspicious behaviors that indicate a cheating boyfriend, but on that matter a novel can be written, so these are just the basics. You know if you find condoms in your boyfriends bedroom, when the both of you no longer use them due to the fact that you have been in a long term relationship and use other methods of protection such as birth control, you know he's cheating for sure. If you notice any of the above suspicious behaviors, there is a possibility that he may be seeing someone else.

7.) The Friend Factor: The seventh sign that your boyfriend may be cheating on you, would be noticing his friends acting strange around you. Guys will lie for their friends when it comes to cheating, but that doesn't mean that they are comfortable lying for him, and it also does not mean that they are good at lying for him. The cheating boyfriend's buddy can provide an alibi, at best. Though this does not mean that they can give you a descriptive story with a seemingly legitimate time line, since men are not good with the details like women. If his buddies act strange all of a sudden, there is enough reason to believe he knows something you would like to. Especially the friend of his that you have always gotten along with, if he seems to be uneasy about something, there could be a problem. You may catch the vibe that he simply doesn't want to get in the middle of anything. That is an easy one to pick up on. Most likely, your cheating boyfriend will be more worried about his buddies slipping up and saying something incriminating. For example; Your boyfriend was supposed to be with "Joe" at such bar, from 9:00pm to 1:00am on Saturday night. One week later, you hear "Joe" speaking amongst other friends about how last Saturday "Joe" couldn't make it to guys night out, because his pregnant girlfriend had to go to the hospital for some minor complications, and he stayed with her at the hospital the whole night. These slip ups happen very often, so one piece of good advice would be, pay close attention to your boyfriends pals when they are talking. No matter how annoying they may be. If your boyfriend told you he was with his buddy all night, but his buddy later blurts out that he was not around for that particular event, there is a possibilitsty that he is seeing someone else.

'Always trust your woman's intuition,' my mother always says. If you have the slightest inkling that things aren't right, they probably aren't.

Has your boyfriend's schedule suddenly changed? Humans are creatures of habit, so any changes should be looked at. Is he suddenly working late more often or cancelling dates with improbable excuses? There could be a valid excuse, such as an upcoming deadline or needing over-time income. However, if it's happening more often than not, you could have a problem on your hands.

Emotional distance can happen for many reasons. It is common, however, for cheating men to seem preoccupied and distant. Perhaps text messages, emails and phone calls have become less frequent. When you're together his mind may seem elsewhere and he's stopped listening or laughing. When you phone, do you find it difficult to reach him?

While many men show less affection when cheating, some up the ante - even performing new tricks in the bedroom.

His grooming habits, exercise habits and wardrobe may have gone through an overhaul recently. You may appreciate his new-found attention to appearance, however he may be doing this for eyes other than yours.

Does he act oddly when he receives phone calls when he's with you? An ex of mine, claiming the call was from a work colleague used to rush outside as the "cellphone signal was better". It also allowed him to whisper sweet nothings into his new girlfriend's ear!

While some may suggest checking his cell phone and email accounts and even following your boyfriend, I have to say I can't advocate this. It's an invasion of his privacy and it's showing a lack of trust to do so.

Rather than confront your boyfriend by saying you think he's cheating, open the lines of communication with him. Discuss how his recent behavioural changes have made you feel. There may be quite innocent reasons behind any of these changes. Remember, he's innocent until proven guilty. If you confront him and get it wrong, he is bound to feel betrayed.

Those are the most frequent and detectable signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you. Though I must make one thing clear, one disclosed sign or instance does not necessarily mean that your boyfriend is cheating on you. Usually you will notice all of the above happening simultaneously. Some of these signs can be subtle and slowly progress into noticeably questionable behavior. If you are worried about your boyfriend cheating, simply pay close attention to his words, actions and behaviors. Always pay attention to his friend's words, actions, and behaviors as well. If your boyfriend has cheated on you, and he is working hard to hide what he has done while remaining in a relationship with you, it is possible that he feels it was a mistake and he regrets what he did. That doesn't make it right, but it does show remorse and a possibility that he still loves you. Whether you forgive and forget is up to you. If your boyfriend displays all the above questionable behaviors and doesn't seem to have any consideration for your feelings, and he doesn't seem to care if you find out or not, it may be time to leave him behind.

When your boyfriend cheats on you, it hurts. It makes you feel betrayed, worthless, and unattractive. If you have caught your boyfriend cheating on you, or you believe that he may be cheating on you, it would be wise to get yourself tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The cheating business is a risky business, and you need to make sure you put your health first. Do not make decisions based on your judgement which may be altered or impaired by the overwhelming feelings of love or rage. Give him the benefit of the doubt, and allow him to explain himself. If you have reason to believe that your boyfriend has been unfaithful, but you have not yet found solid evidence that he has, try not to openly accuse him on unfounded leads. Don't harass, interrogate, or badger him. Doing so when he has not done anything wrong can actually push him into the arms of another woman. When you ask your boyfriend if he has been unfaithful, you should approach topic with sensitivity while being reasonable and responsible. Avoid being agressive, sarcastic, and hostile. A woman who has been cheated on will suffer from extreme mixed emotions which are mostly negative. Though you are hurting, try your best to not become violent with your boyfriend. This can be dangerous for the both of you. If anything, him seeing how badly he hurt you, will most likely hurt him. However, if he is not phased by your obviously broken heart, he is not worth giving your heart to.

In a perfect world, boyfriends wouldn't cheat, but this is a far from perfect world. When it does happen, it hurts, but you do move on eventually. The best advice I can give to women who don't want their boyfriends to become unfaithful is, be the best you can be for him. Treat him with love and respect. Make sure he knows exactly how important he is to you. Be honest with him, be faithful to him, and let him know where you stand on what contstitutes cheating. Cheating can come in many forms. My idea of cheating is, doing anything you wouldn't do with your partner in the same room. I hope my advice can be most helpful.

ADVICE: First tell someone, a parent or friend. Second all this is copied off the internet apart from the advice I'm giving you now so have a good look on the internet, it may help. Third have a chat with him maybe he will confess there and then.

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