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Have you tried talking to him about what's wrong. Honestly you should've made sure this is the guy you wanted to spend the rest of your life with before you flipping married him!? Did that ever cross your mind? Also look up some Bibl verses on marriage cuz you, my friend, need to read them. God says divorce is WRONG. But He also says if you do divorce him, then you can't date or re-marry, so would it not be better to try and solve your relationship problems with him or with a marriage counselor, instead of breaking God's holy law and having to pay money for a divorce? An average divorce can cost from anywhere to 200 to 1000 dollarse, just for the lawyer or paralegal. So my suggestions? Read the Bible, go to church, actually talk to him, get a marriage counselor, but on under no circumstances tell him you don't want him any more because he's yours for the rest of your life.

Aside from the religiously biased 'sermon' above. Sit down and talk about it. It sounds as if you have already made a conscious decision to leave him, do it. Lifes too short to be unhappy.

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