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Download it from Registration is required to download. Once you have completed the registration form, a link is provided to the downloadable executable. After download, install it from the downloaded executable. This means double-click on the installation executable and follow all the prompts. Then download a Virtual Appliance from VMTN. You can then open virtual appliance with VMPlayer and use it on Windowns.

You must have a reasonably stable Windows 2000 or later computer. If you're short on memory and disk space already, stop and rethink this unless you really know what you are doing.

If you are near capacity, your host system (Windows XP for instance) is probably being affected and running less than optimally. If you are near capacity of your current hard disk, consider replacing your existing hard drive with a newer, larger, faster hard drive that will make both your host system and virtual system faster.

For detailed instructions, see The HowTo Wiki

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