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Categories are an important way of finding questions on Wikianswers.

Automatic categories Edit

Category:Answered questions and Category:Un-answered questions are automatic categories. One or the other appears on every question. When a new question is asked, Category:Un-answered questions is automatically added to it. When you add some content (other than a category) to a question, Category:Un-answered questions is automatically replaced by Category:Answered questions. You never need to edit these categories as they are automated.

Redirects do not appear in either answered or un-answered categories, and all categories are automatically removed when you turn a page into a redirect.

Adding other categories Edit

Other categories are added to show which topics a question is in. For example, a question about medicine could be placed in Category:Medicine.

You can add multiple categories to a page. Adding categories to an un-answered question does not change its state from un-answered. If you can not answer a question, you can still help by adding a category. That way, someone who can answer it is more likely to find it.

There are two ways to add a category:

  1. You can type [[Category:Health]] anywhere on the page.
  2. You can use the CategorySelect feature. Look for the add category button at the end of the page - it works in both read and edit mode. If you want to edit or delete an existing category, you will need to go into edit mode (by clicking edit or answer).

Editing a category page Edit

A category description page can be edited to give some information on what the category is about. A short piece of text or links to other relevant categories or pages can be added.

All links to category description pages appear blue, even if the description has not yet been added. There is no requirement to create a description for a category before using it. It is best, however, to make sure the category you want to use already exists, and that it is placed correctly in a parent category.

Which categories should I add? Edit

There is no definitive list of which categories are allowed. You can add as many categories as is appropriate, providing one is not a parent of another. For instance, don't add [[Category:Pokémon]] to a question in the category [[Category:Charmeleon]].

Please try to categorize as many questions as possible. The aim is to make it easier for answerers to find questions to answer, and to make it easier for people searching in Google to find an answer to their question. Relevant categories also help to make the ads more relevant. These are shown to unregistered users and can be helpful to the reader even if a question has not been answered.

See also Edit

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