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I am not sure but I think that you would have to measure the subject of your art and be able to minimize it in order to make art along with being able to decrease the size of angles to fit on to your canvas or what ever you are using I believe this is what math has to do with art.

Science and Math are both a big subject in art. I have been around artists and muralists who use math, geometry and science to decipher what they create.

A canvas is honestly second nature, anything can be a painting. As long as you can apply paint on an object. Math, geometry and science are also very necessary to create sculptures. You just have to know how to proportion the figure properly, you can not create a statue without knowing the correct measurements of how far the ear is to the nose. Arms and fingers need to be proportioned properly. If you create the arm with certain measurements; the hands need to match what the painting or sculpture represent.

Although higher studies of math, geometry and science are not necessary for most artists; a basic idea of the concepts on how all three work need to be applied and understood. So basically a High School Diploma or GED are needed to understand how the human body is proportioned to be able to apply the correct measurements.

Sadly most artist who have not higher education studies (or college) have WAY LESS opportunities for a good job later in their lives. Bottom line, if you have a College Degree you will definitely do better in the future of art.

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