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After two and a half years of training Sasuke, Orochimaru's current body begins to fail him and he is forced to begin contemplating how to take Sasuke's body. Sasuke however is unwilling to give him the chance and attacks a bedridden Orochimaru. Forced into a corner Orochimaru reveals his true form and begins the transfer process, although Sasuke - like Itachi years earlier, is able to use his Sharingan to stop it. Surpassing Itachi, Sasuke also uses his Sharingan to take control of the dimension within Orochimaru, completely turning the process against him. When later asked about Orochimaru's fate, Sasuke explains that he has merely retained control of his body.

While Orochimaru is considered dead in the eyes of the Naruto world, Kabuto has integrated what remained of Orochimaru into his body in an attempt to make himself into an entity even stronger than Orochimaru. The remains, however, seem to have some degree of consciousness, as they have since begun to slowly take control of his body.

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