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In order to go to the chair, the prisoner must have their head freshly shaved only minutes before the execution. They also have to have cotton stuffed up their anus, in order to keep them from messing themselves, since the electricity takes away their control of their bowels. Next, they have to have their legs shaved, so an electrode can be placed on their right leg, and all facial hair is shaved. They have a slit cut in the leg of their pants so the electrode can make contact with their bare skin. Once that is finished, they are led to the chair.

Once in the room, a prison warden hands them a microphone so they can say their last words to an audience behind a glass wall, and the execution proceeds. A mask is put over their face so the audience doesn't have to see the expression on the condemned's face once the electricity starts flowing through their body, for some faces can be brutal, and sometimes the condemned's face burns.

It sends an electrical charge through a person. This is achieved by attaching an electrode to the shaved head of the condemned and (now) another electrode around the shaved right calf of the condemned. The current enters through the head to complete itself and thereby uses the body of the condemned as a conductor. This causes brain death, heart failure and overall fatal organ damage (by raising the body temperature to at least 140 degress-F) If conducted properly, the electric chair is a painless way to quickly kill the condemned; seeing as it targets the brain and the only reason we even feel pain is because of the brain.

1,500 to 2,300 volts are applied across the body to cause immediate brain death, for 8 seconds. (Since the body's cells [cells?? should be nerve impulses] move at 10 inches per second [information seems inaccurate. source??] and the volts move at approximately 600 inches per second, the cells do not have enough time to go to the brain and tell the body to fight against the restraints or say "ow." Therefore, the body goes brain dead, and the body is overstimulated with electricity.) Then 300 to 1,000 volts are applied across the body for 20 seconds. Then another 1,500 to 2,300 volts are applied for another eight seconds, and the current is turned off. A doctor checks the prisoner's heartbeat. If the prisoner is dead, which by now they should be, the electrical devices are removed from their body, they are unrestrained, and taken to a hospital gurney to be placed until burial in the prison. However, if the prisoner is NOT dead, the whole cycle is repeated.