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How does the entire you would do well in slytherin quote go?

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both of these are from the movies

the sorting ceremony:

sorting hat: "There's plenty of courage I see, and not a bad mind either, and there's talent, yes, and a first to prove yourself, but where to put you?"

harry: "not slytherin, not slytherin"

sorting hat: "are you sure? you could be great you know! it's all here in your head and slytherin can help you on the way to greatness..there's no doubt about that"

harry: "not slytherin, anything but slytherin"

sorting hat: "well if you're sure, better be: Gryffindor!"

from chamber of secrets:

sorting hat: "bee in your bonnet, potter?"

harry: "i was just wondering, if you put me in the right house?"

sorting hat: "yes, you were particularly difficult to place but i stand by what i said last year: you would have done well in slytherin."

harry: "you're wrong."

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