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about 66,622 mph or 107,218 km/h

the average distance to the sun is typically given as 93 million miles, and its orbit around the sun is given as an elipse so what could we do? because it's an AVERAGE distance we might assume a circle and calculate miles of circumference

radius 93*10^6 miles times 2 times pi(3.141592) would give the circumference in miles as 5.84336*10^8 miles

we circle the sun in a year given as 365.25 days, if we do some math:(93 e 6 miles)*2*3.1415928divided by((365.25days per year)*(24hours per day)) equals 66659.4 miles per hour, WOW just like above, but now you know why!!!

wanna convert miles to kilometers try this

as above (66,622 miles)*(5280feet per mile)*(12inches per foot)divided by(39.6 inches per meter) and divided by 1000 meters per kilometer) equals 106,595 WOW just like above, that is, the miles covered in an hour is the same as the kilometers covered in an hour ... Well this couldn't be more fun !!! well maybe it could if you were doing it instead of me!!!

GooseBay Camper said that. enjoy !!!

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