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How get a girl pregent?

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Having sex. It is so easy. Just put your penis into the girls vagina and have fun with her.

If are asking this question, please do'nt get a girl prenate, pregancy is no sign of manhood, bringing a life into the world that you are not prepared to care for, support, educate, nuture, will never make you a man. Although it can ruin your life to relize you failed the greatest feat of your exsistance. By the way it is eqauly painfull to see a father realize that he is a failure as a father, I don't think for a minute that fathers forget they have children. It is no fun to see a fatherless child long to have a father that cares for him or her. Please realize what it takes to be a father be fore you long to " make a girl pregnate." from (a single mom age 50)

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