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Joan (Jeanne) of Arc was born to a peasant family in the village of Domremy, on the border between Champaigne and Lorraine in 1431. Her father had a dream of her travelling with an army, and thought her a camp follower, and told her brothers to drown her should it come to pass. Joan was a girl-soldier who "heard voices" which told her to preserve her viginity, to take up arms and crown the dauphin King of France. Joan became a soldier in 1428, indeed crowned the King of France in 1429, was captured by the English in 1430, handed over to French Clerics in 1431, put on trial and burnt at the stake as a heretic. She was only 19. Her trial and conviction were later reviewed and she was absolved of heresy.

  • Joan of Arc was faithful and obedient unto God
  • Joan of Arc was a woman with a mission.
  • Joan of Arc was a leader who set an example.
  • Joan of Arc was a woman of courage, courage that set her country free

Joan of Arc is the national heroine of France, and the exemplar, the role model of all women who would boldly follow in faith the guidance of Almighty God, whatever name and form. Joan was sacrificed because she did something you and I do every day; she listened to the inner voice, the voice of conscience, and the voice of the divine.

Two popes backed down over Joan of Arc and her condemnation for heresy, and burning at the stake.

Pope Callixtus III absolved her of heresy and declared her a martyr.

Pope Benedict XV (not the current one) declared her a saint in 1920

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