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About 5 pitches higher than the average human and 5 pitches deeper than Alvin.

  • Actually, by musical standards, SpongeBob's singing voice is ranked Alto, which is the second highest female singing voice (though some men can sing in it in real life). He is also easily capable of singing in suprano, which is the higest possible human voice. In the Choir episode, he sang in suprano, and in most episodes, he sings in alto, with suprano high notes.
  • When speaking, SpongeBob carries the hightest possible male voice, called "Tenor". However, when screaming, he easily crosses this line, and does so when laughing as well. He is voiced by Tom Kenny, according to Wikipedia. Tom Kenny's voice is Baratone, the normal voice for a man after they hit puberty. The lowest is Bass. As far as I know, SpongeBob's voice requires no computer editing, Tom can generate it with his voice alone.

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