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How long does it take before Star Trek fans realize Star Trek XI is technically Voyager, but with pretty young faces and more plot holes than an hour long episode of voyager?

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From the looks of the box office returns, some time. This flick was not for Star Trek fans. Just another reboot of a franchise, attempting to appease fans by dropping random references.

Another perspective: It was actually Nemesis with more plot holes and pretty people to fill them. An angry bald Romulan with an overwhelmingly powerful ship wants to destroy a Federation officer's home world with a high-tech, unstoppable weapon for vengeance? There's an old Federation officer and a younger version of himself? Even though every other ship the villain fights gets almost instantly destroyed the first hit, the Enterprise can survive several salvos? Gratuitous almost-sex scene? Ship with illogically long falls? One has to wonder if anyone told JJ Abrams about Nemesis.

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