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Believe me, you'll know. this moment is pivotal it also builds respect and friendship if your both nurtureing this day it will be a beautiful day

advice from dani!-

okayy all depends on you for how long you should wait for your 1st 12 and i've only kissed two was a dare and the other was my boyfriend...ya we kissed a million times and made-out, but only have your first kiss when your ready...i know that when i had my first kiss when i was 11 i dont think i was ready because, i was telling myself i dont know how to kiss and im scared but 2 of my friends talked me into it...and im kinda glad i did it because it was kinnda like a practice for me, so when i kissed my boyfriend i wasnt scared and didnt have butterflies and one more thing dont waste your 1st kiss on someone your not totally in love with...because with my 1st kiss it was with this guy who i had liked forever and he liked me (but not just me he liked me, my best friend and he was going out with my other bestfriend---its kind of complicated ~the whole story~) but anyway when i kissed him i was sooo happy, but now i relize the guy i thought i liked is really a BIG PLAYER & A JERK!! =P and i know lots of people who havent had they're first kiss yet!! (hope this helps) =)

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