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how long a cat will live Edit

by cassy h. simmons

a cat should live from 12-19 years old. I had a little (BIGISH) kitty-kcat` a year ago, but we had to put Octavia down. when I was little, I didn'y know how to spell Octavia, so I made my dad pretend it was spelled "Octaveea" man, do I miss that cat. Octavia died when she was 19 years old. She was losing lots of haair, had cancerr, and would not stop drinking her water. She was practically GLUED to her little water bowl. I had to fill it uo 12 times a day! we knew that she did not like her life how it was, so one day, while I was at school, my dad snuck out and put her to sleep. It costs $800 to put cats to sleep these days. Anyway, now "Octaveea" lives happily in animal Heaven with the God, Octavia. I nowadais have 2 1/2 cats! Milo or Mily as I call him lives with my dad, and me.

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