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12 US Presidents have served two or more full terms -

Franklin D. Roosevelt Served three full terms, died on the 82nd day of his fourth term. His first term in office (1933-1937) was the shortest term for an elected President (after Washington’s) who neither died in office nor resigned. The Twentieth Amendment moved Inauguration Day from March 4 to January 20 beginning in 1937; therefore Roosevelt's first term was 43 days short of a full four years: from March 4, 1933 through January 20, 1937, a period of 1418 days. This also made him the first President to be inaugurated on January 20.

Thomas Jefferson Served two full terms. James Madison Served two full terms. James Monroe Served two full terms. Andrew Jackson Served two full terms. Ulysses S. Grant Served two full terms. Grover Cleveland Served two full terms, not consecutively. Not reelected on first try for a second term.

Woodrow Wilson Served two full terms. Dwight David Eisenhower Served two full terms. Ronald Reagan Served two full terms. Bill Clinton Served two full terms. George W. Bush Served two full terms.

In addition, these Presidents served more than one term but not quite a full second:

George Washington Served two full terms, but the first-term inaugural was postponed 57 days to April 30, 1789 because the U.S. Congress had not properly convened.

Harry S. Truman Served the remainder of Franklin Roosevelt's term, elected to a full term. Did not seek a second term, though eligible under terms of the 22nd Amendment, ratified during his term.

Theodore Roosevelt Served the remainder of McKinley's term, elected to a full term. Four years after leaving office, ran again and lost.

Calvin Coolidge Served the remainder of Harding's term, elected to a full term. Did not seek renomination for a second term.

Richard Nixon Served one full term and resigned during his second term.

Lyndon B. Johnson Served the remainder of Kennedy's term, elected to a full term. Did not seek a second term.

William McKinley Served one full term. Assassinated early in his second term.

Abraham Lincoln Served one full term and was assassinated early in his second tern

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