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How many religions are there?

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The major religions of humanity are:

  • Christianity with 2 billion adherents
  • Judaism with 25 million adherents
  • Islam with 1.5 billion adherents
  • Hinduism with 2 billion adherents
  • Buddhism with 500 million adherents
  • Jainism with 12 million adherents
  • Zoroastrianism 10 million adherents

There is also the Baha'i faith, with is a group of people from many faiths recognising the truths in all religions.

There are more religions, faiths, and spiritual paths being practised than can be counted. Many do no hold to one particular faith, instead incorporating tenets of two or more religions, thus creating a new one. There are those who do not label themselves, preferring a free spirituality to any religion; you could say those who choose that path have their own religion (each individual has his/her own path).

And then there are those who are "in the broom closet," preferring to remain hidden for their own safety (persecution and harrassment still occurs), so a complete and accurate count of the number of religious paths there are may never be possible.

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