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How much did goliath weigh?

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HOW much did Goliath weigh? answer The average weight of men is 106 pounds for the first five feet of height plus 6 pounds per inch thereafter. If you are a man of five feet and ten inches, your approximate ideal weight would be 106+60=166 pounds. GOLIATH was 9’ 9’’ tall, ( six cubits and a span ) a cubit is 18 inches and a span is 9 inches. The first 5 feet which is 60 inches is a weight of 106 pounds which leaves us with 57 inches which we will add 6 pounds for each inch of the 57 inches, that gives us 342 pounds and if we add the 106 to that, it tells us that GOLIATH weighed 448 pounds if he was not over weight or under weight. I would say he had another 100 pounds of muscle because he was the champion of all of the Philistines and that would bring his weight to 548 pounds.

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