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How much do civil engineers make?

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The beginers make about $70,000 a year but if your really good and get good contracts you can make about 300,000 per project after all the expenses including paying workers. Lets say you do 5 good cantracts a year you'll make about $1,500,000 that year. If you get about ten good years like that you can create your own company with $15,000,000 lets say you spend about 10,000,000 on the buisness for buildings and a main tower in New York thus turning your business int to a major coporation you'll be the CEO of that company my friend you'll be making $16,000,000 a year. But remeber keep this a secret we don't want any competition.

Comment- Posted by Moneymaker_70

I have been doing this for a year and have made $2,000,000! If I where you I would start now. PS the person who posted this is Christian, I will not reveal my last name for security issues. Christian is my name by the way not the Religon!!!!

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