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We didn't see Jiraiya's dead body so it is still possible that he can be alive..Fukasaku,the old frog,is the only one stated that jiraiya is dead..

But I heard that Jiraiya travels to Rain Country to find the Akatsuki leader and he finds out that the Akatsuki leader is Pain his former student Nagato, Pain/Nagato deafeats Jiraiya in battle and dies.

Hey,,I know all about that..3 Pains were fighting Jiraiya..The 3 Pains were no match to Jiraiya's Hermit mode..Jiraiya defeated the 3 Pains..The only reason Pain defeated Jiraiya is because Jiraiya let his guard down..He thought that he had defeated Pain..But when he is going back to Konoha,,he is surprised by 6 Pains including the 3 defeated Pains(which have been revived by the naraka path)..He(Jiraiya) was stabbed by 5 pains(he killed 1 Pain)..Then Jiraiya used a technique and wen't under the water to finish his novel...No one knows what happened to him after that...But there is a possibility for him to become alive because in the past,,he survived Tsunade and the Kyuubi's attacks..

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