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Yes, time travel is possible. But I have only figured out the way to travel backwards in time. To understand how to go back in time, you must first be able to comprehend speed. I define speed as going a certain distance over a certain period of time. When time increases, speed decreases. When time decreases, speed increases. But when time decreases to 0, you have reached the speed I call "the speed of time itself." While at that speed time doesn't pass at all. In other words, you will get places instantly. But once you exceed that speed time will go backwards. And that's how you go back in time. A question you may ask is "but how would one get to that speed?" Well, you may be thinking of building a giant rocket ship, but that would use up too much fuel and probably wouldn't work. A natural force must be used instead. The force is gravity. The gravity of a large object attracts smaller objects. The greater the mass of an object, the more gravitational pull it has. But what object has enough gravity to make an object go fast enough to reverse time? The answer: a black hole. Einstein said that time slows near black holes in his general theory of relativity, and he was right. A black hole's gravitational pull is so great it won't even let light escape. In other words, its gravity pulls in light faster than the speed of light. But the light is trying to escape. If an object were going towards it, it would be going with the flow and would be traveling much faster. Way faster than the speed of light. Faster than the speed of time itself. So fast that time would reverse. You would need to get into a rocket and drive it into a black hole. How far back you go would depend on how fast you were going. And that's how time travel is possible. But remember that you cannot go straight at it because the gravity would crush you. So you would have to go around it (orbit) while slowly steering into it. If you get too close you won't be able to escape the gravitational pull. You would need to steer into the black hole at an angle. Enough to reverse time, but not so much that you get sucked in and get crushed. When you decide you have gone back a sufficient amount of time, slowly steer away. That way, you can use its gravity to give you a boost out of its pull. If you try steering straight out of it's gravitational pull, you will fail. Because, let's face it, not even light can do that. It's like a rip current. If you swim directly against the current, all you will do is make yourself tired. You have to swim to the side, at an angle. Don't go back too far, because at one point that black hole was a sun. It was also a supernova right before it became a black hole. Also, and I doubt this could happen, going back before the big bang happened. I have no idea what would happen but it would either be instant death or something a little more interesting...