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You need to know, stuff just can't be "better than" other stuff that easily.

It's got to be better in some particular way.

For example, who's better -- me, who's answering your question right now, or the other 99 people who looked at it and ignored it? Well that depends if you wanted your question answered (which you probably do). But maybe one of those 99 was your best friend. Well that person is a better friend of course. So you can see my point. Your best friend is a better friend, and I am a better Wikianswers question answerer right now :)

So, let's look at this:

- Red is better than blue if you want to paint the first colour of a rainbow.

- Blue is better than red if you hate red and you are picking the colour of your car/mobile/clothes/wallpaper etc.

- Red is better than blue for colouring a heart on a gift (because a blue heart isn't exactly very loving-looking)

- Blue is better than red for being seen in the dark (the eye picks up blue much more easily than red in the dark)

- Red is better than blue for putting on your cheeks if you're a girl or woman doing her makeup

- Blue is better than red for putting on your eyes as makeup

- Red is better than blue if we're talking about what colour is your blood :)

- Blue is better than red for making stuff look official

and so on....

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