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yes, especially broken steel as it allows you to continue playing to level 30 and you continue after the Take it Back quest. Operation Anchorage gives insight in to the pre nuke years and if you do the glitches for it you can break all the non-degrading simulation weapons out to play in the wasteland. Having a non degrading sniper rifle is possibly one of the greatest things to have in the wasteland. The Pitt is a lengthy DLC but it is worth in the fact that it has a ton of special new weapons and armor and adds a lot of loot to the game. In my opinion all are worth the price and it will significantly lengthen the game, but if you want a heads up, dont get any of the SPECIAL bobbleheads prior to Broken steel because if you get the Almost Perfect Perk it raises all Special Attributes to 9 but if you have the Bobbleheads or the Lucky 8 Ball or any other Stat raiser, it will count those as a level so if you remove those items after getting the perk you will be at 8 in that stat rather than 9 and if you get the bobbleheads afterwards, all will be level 10. So you wouldnt even have to get the Intense Training Perks.

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