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no currency and taxation are concrete social evolutionary advances which you have, most cheekily, deliberately and knowingly mischaracterised as regressive.

We do create a prison we cant or touch or fell for our minds - it is called the hypperreal.

Everything you know is wrong, but what you are told is far further from the truth!

Hyperreality characterizes the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from fantasy, especially in technologically advanced postmodern cultures it characterises the way consciousness defines what is actually "real" in a world where a various media radically shape and filter the original event or experience being depicted. in a world where we worship and seek the seek the truth we are blisfully unaware that almost no-one knows it.

sensed information we all must filter in order to understand and even that filtering will never provide us with 'absolute' truth but at least it is primary what we commonly ignore as irrelevant to our detriment is the difference between our single filtered reality and our multi-filtered recieved environment.

much abuse of our priorities goes on in the space between these levels - we are living hyperreally - we are fobbed off for ulterior purposes with an "authentic fake"

You are ulimately correct to be searching for it as our matrix is here already! We don't dream the dream ourselves - we now are consumers of a fake one.

We seek truth, know little of it, are constandty misdirected, and blissfully unaware of that. in this knowledge i now seek quality not truth.

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