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No, there is not.

Anything with a colour will reflect that colour of light.

The way light works is it hits and object and that object absorbs all the colours of the spectrum that the object is not.

The colour that the object is gets reflected.

I suppose though anything that is black is "not there" because if an object is a perfect black then it will reflect no light and area without light is black.

Materials and fibers have nothing to do with what light is reflected, it is all in the colour.

This statement could not be any more wrong...People that dont know how things work should not post thier dribble on sites. If something reflected no light at all it would dissapear not just be black... Our eyes see reflections of light as it bounces off of objects. Yes there are materials that absorb MOST light. MIT has made carbon nanotube fibers that absorb nearly all light.

Wrong. Disappearing would require the light behind the object to hit your retina, which would mean the object cannot be opaque, which is not the case. If a perfect light absorber is made, it will look like the black holes in space. They also appear to be pitch black because they do not let light bounce back off them.