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No is a horrible answer. The kind of game you would like to play depends on your likes and dislikes. World of Warcraft is decent, and I've heard that Maplestory is okay as well. WoW costs money to play though, and again, I don't know that much about Maplestory, but I think it's free.

Second Answer : Maplestory is free, however, since Nexon took control over it, they have added a lot of things that give advantages to paying players, over players who play it for free. For example, you can get rare items from Gachapon for paying real money, you can now buy Money and Experience, and equipment that is a lot more powerful compared to free equipment. I however, still play without paying, and do have some fun on it, despite being poor as hell. If you do play Maplestory, dont expect a welcoming reception, 90% of players are idiots, 9% are bigot's who think they are better than the other 91% of players, and the 1% left are very friendly and welcoming, yet are very hard to find.

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