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No, however it will slightly increase the power of the Weapon Skill, some more than others. Each WS has a specific modifier for your TP. The modifiers work in 3 tiers. 100%, 200% and 300%. As you get to those % you get a new tier, which effects the WS in some way. This can be something as minor as extending the duration of an additional effect from a WS to something as major as almost doubling your damage output. If you really want to see the extent of the modifiers power, get a DRK friend of yours to show you a 100% ground strike compared to a 300% (or Spiral Hell. They both have wild modifiers.)

Usually using a weaponskill at 100% twice, will be better then using one weaponskill at 200% example a weaponskill that does 300 damage @100% twice will total 600 damage, then doing 450 damage at 200%

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