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hmmm... I think he'll arrive in a few days. Everyone will be busy rebuilding and helping the injured. He'll observe Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi for a few days. conclude that they are still way below him. Jugo will ask Sasuke if this is really what he wants. Sasuke will hesitate for a moment but say it is. in the end the Karin will end up fighting Sakura, Jugo will fight Kakashi and the fish boy will fight Sai. and of course there will be talking between Naruto and Sasuke then an awesome fight. Naruto will surprise Sasuke with the sage mode and the fights will be really close.

this will all be observed by Madara, Kisame, and Zetsu. I also think that Naruto will win the fight with Sasuke but will colapse beside him. Then the Akatsuki will move in and grab Naruto.

Oh, i also think Danzo will make his move in in taking over Konaha too. With the comotion of the Hawk is going on I think he'll attack Tsunade.

Maybe after all that Naruto or someone will figure out WHO killed the summoning frog. After they figure that out Danzo would be killed

if mandara suceed in his plan sasuke will become new person to do sealing jutsu for taild beasts but my guess is that itachis gift to naruto was somekind of genjutsu that activets when sasuke is in eye contact with naruto so itachi could say somthing that would bring sasuke back to side of konoha

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