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What age is x-men origins for?

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Depends on your preference. If you're a 50-year old comic addict, deifinitely go see it. If you're twenty and don't care for unrealistic fighting action, don't, it won't hold much value for you. If you're looking for an age group that will definitely find the film cool regardless of their preferences, then I'd say teenage boys. However, it's in my opinion suitable for a broader audience than the previous X-Men movies, as it focuses less on the "X-factor" and more on the character, and, as a result, is much less cheesy. But that is, of course, subjective. Also, girls may find the main character appealing. After all, I'm told Hugh Jackman is considered good-looking by most women...

Misacek01 15:59, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

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