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What are featured editors on Wikianswers?

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Featured editors are people adding great answers to Wikianswers.

Featured editors have sometimes been highlighted on the home page.

See also category editors.

Previously featured on the home page Edit

The first is earliest featured, the last is more recently featured. For example Balistic Pve was featured first, Felix Omni second, etc.

Featured editor

Avatar-Balistic Pve

User Balistic Pve Balistic joined Wikianswers because he wanted to see what kinds of questions people would ask. Balistic edits questions that show up in recent changes, especially questions in the GuildWiki category. Balistic likes that Wikianswers is a wiki (so it is open to everyone!) and that there are several very nice people here. Balistic is from San Jose and edits many wikis. View Balistic's edits or leave a message for him.

Featured editor

Avatar-Felix-Omni Felix_Omni_Signature.png wandered onto Wikianswers with a link from a friend, and started contributing the same day. He looks for interesting questions in recent changes, because researching the answer is half the fun of giving it! He also rephrases badly written questions and removes inappropriate categories. Felix Omni is most likely to answer questions related to gaming or history. He has lived near Chicago for all of his life. View Felix's edits or leave a message for him.

Featured editor

Avatar-Ose Ose discovered Wikianswers after seeing an ad for it on WoWWiki. On Wikianswers, Ose answers and rephrases what he sees on recent changes. Ose calls himself a WikiElf! He also has skills in designing wiki skins and fancy templates. Ose was firstly an editor of the World of Warcraft Wiki and now also edits SporeWiki and the Webcomic Wiki, as well as watching the recent changes log of several other wikis. Ose is from Norway and can be found on the #wikianswers IRC channel. View Ose's edits or leave a message for Ose.

Featured editor

Avatar-Tirinel Tirinel discovered Wikianswers via WoWWiki. After trying other Q&A sites, he chose to stay at Wikia because of the warm, free, and friendly environment. Tirinel is studying for A Levels in Chemistry and Computing. Tirinel is from Russia but currently lives in Essex in the UK. On Wikianswers, he mostly answers questions in selected categories (Gaming and Science). Through answering questions, he has learned things that he hadn't previously known, and driven himself to research questions that he would not normally have a clue how to answer! View Tirinel's edits or leave a message for Tirinel.

Featured editor

Avatar-Molokaicreeper Liliana (Molokaicreeper) loves to create web pages and loves to answer questions. When Liliana joined Wikianswers, she was most interested in answering questions about video games and Pokémon and now focuses on questions about science and historic events. Liliana is a mother of three children, originally from Puerto Rico and now living in live in Philadelphia, PA. She considers Wikianswers a wonderful place to be when you want to learn about many things! View Liliana's edits or leave a message for Liliana.

Featured editor

Avatar-Buckimion Ken (Buckimion) joined Wikianswers through the Family Guy Wiki after noticing a number of un-answered questions had been posted. In addition to keeping the Family Guy questions clean, he also occasionally browses un-answered questions, especially those related to travel. Buckimion (or Buck for short) is from Columbus, OH, the Buckeye State and is a former Police Officer and Security Consultant. View Buckimion's edits or leave a message for Buckimion.

Featured editor

Avatar-Dan the Man 1983 Dan the Man 1983 has been editing at Wikia for over a year now. Dan first found Wikianswers after clicking an ad for it on another Wikia site. He loves to answer questions, especially about animals and sport. He also likes to rephrase questions so they make sense! Dan resides in Luton, England, and has done all his life. View Dan's edits or leave a message for Dan.

Featured editor

Avatar-SUL SUL has been editing Wikia for several months and found Wikianswers after following a link from the Central Wikia Forums. SUL likes to help by rephrasing questions, adding categories, and fixing typos. He also edits several gaming and technology related wikis on Wikia. View SUL's edits or leave a message for SUL.

Featured editor

Avatar-AbigailAbernathy Abigail Abernathy found Wikianswers when she was editing another Wikia site. She loves answering questions and sharing knowledge with the world. Rather than focusing on one category, the Random Question link is her best friend. She never classifies a question as "too stupid" because she knows people really rely on Wikianswers and she wants answers to be as correct as possible. View Abigail's edits or leave a message for Abigail.

Featured editor

Avatar-Goblincleaver Goblincleaver found Wikianswers this summer and started by tackling some un-answered questions. Now, Goblincleaver has graduated to tracking down uncategorized questions and experimenting with templates. Goblincleaver also helps people find questions that have already been answered by redirecting similar questions. View Goblincleaver's edits or leave a message for Goblincleaver.

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