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i know 4.

  1. 1 is on the first stage. there is a certain ramp that if you have enough speed (which is possible)you will hit the game bowndry a stay up there for like a second but will fall down.
  1. 2 is in the dark garden. this is very hard. you must go to the thing where you put the chao on your gameboy and use the bounce bracelet and jump to the closest spot where it looks like you could jump through and jump (this make take a while). after that you should be out of the garden and be floating around. to go back u must float right back through the wall. when u get back your chao might be swimming in the grass!
  1. 3 in the chao garden, go to the rocks. there should be an area in the corner to the left. jump and hit a against the bowndry where it doesn't let you fall. (this doesn't take a while to do) keep doing that and soon you should be floating out of the chao garden!
  1. 4 in the hero garden, go to the diving board. there should be something on top of it. jump on top of it. then jump and use the bounce bracelet 2 or more times. u should be hitting the game bowndry.

                                                  by Charlie Hickey


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