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Note: I average about 45k and hour doing this, which is decent, but 50k is the standard rate, with 54.7k being the absolute max. These are suggestions, but will require adjustment based on your reflexes and attentiveness.

Custom Cursors help immensely for this, as they will indicate the exact moment that you'll need to click.

After jumping onto the first rock, right click on the tree that you will have to climb to get through the course, then hover over the "Climb up" option.

When climbing up that tree, put your mouse to the left of the trunk above the bottom. This is where the monkey bars will be once you scale the tree.

On the monkey bars, hold your mouse a few pixels to the left of your character. Once it stops crossing the bars, there will be an opportunity to click on the skull slope before you get to that level. This changes and is not always possible.

While on the skull slope, click repeatedly on the minimap near the darkest of the squares. This is where you will swing on the vine. Once you get off the slope, click on the vine as early as possible.

While swinging on the vine after the sound effect is over, click on the tree with the vine back down. You can tell how much time you shaved off by how many steps you take. If you take 1-2 and then slide the rest of the way, you've done it perfectly.

While on the vine down, hover over where you will want to be going after you get off the vine. Once off, click and you will start running there very soon afterwards.

These take practice, and you'll average better experience rates the longer you play in one sitting. If you are below 75 agility, use potions to keep it at or above 75, as you will never fail at level 75.

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