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Advantages 1. Can be a realistic replacement to fossil feul. 2. Nuclear power plants can be used to generate hydrogen feul at low energy demand times (night time). 3. Uses low amounts of feul and produces low amounts of waste. 4. Breeder Reactor can produce feul from abundant isotopes like U-238 to Pu-239 or Th-232 to U-233 which can be sustainable for thousands of years. 5. Nuclear has a higher power density. (Uses less land than wind, bio feuls, solar(at the moment) to produce electricity) 6. Nuclear power produces near zero carbon emmisions.

Disadvantages 1. Some of the fission products have very long half lives. 2. High capital cost to set up nuclear power plant. 3. Public opinion (Chernobyl). 4. Plant must have primary & secondary shutdown mechanisms and many back up generators to avoid malcunctions. 5. Maving to mine the abundant isotopes. 6. Besides being one of the most complicated ways of boiling water, removing used feul rods can be troublesome.

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