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The Kirby universe has many locations. In Kirby's Dream Land, the game takes place in Dream Land, located on Pop Star. The locations in that game are Green Greens, Castle Lololo, Float Islands, Bubbly Clouds, and Mt. Dedede. Kirby's Adventure and Nightmare in Dream Land also take place in Dream Land. The locations in those games are Vegetable Valley, Ice Cream Island, Butter Building, Grape Garden, Yogurt Yard, Orange Ocean, Rainbow Resort, and the Fountain of Dreams. Kirby's Dream Land 2 and 3 also take place in Dream Land. The locations in that game are Grass Land, Big Forest, Ripple Field, Iceberg, Red Canyon, Cloudy Park, Dark Castle, Sand Canyon, and Hyper Zone. Kirby Super Star and Super Star Ultra have many subgames with many locations. Spring Breeze has the same locations as Dream Land, minus Castle Lololo. Dyna Blade has Peanut Plains, Mallow Castle, Cocoa Cave, Candy Mountain, and Dyna Blade's Nest. The Great Cave Offensive has Sub-Tree, Crystal, Old Tower, and Garden. Gourmet Race has Pumpkin Grand, Corn Hall, and Onion Garden. Milky Way Wishes' areas are on different planets. They are Grass Planet Floria, Water Planet Aqualiss/Aquarius, Wind Planet Skyhigh, Flame Planet Hotbeat, Cave Planet Cavios/Cavius, Machine Planet Mecheye/Mekkai, Eternal Planet Halfmoon, ???, and NOVA. Revenge of the King has Purple Plains, Illusion Islands, Crash Clouds, Mt. Dedede Sky, and The Revenge (actually Mt. Dedede). Meta Knightmare Ultra has every stage from Kirby Super Star withought Gourmet Race. The areas in Kirby 64 are also on different planets. They include Pop Star, Rock Star, Aqua Star, Neo Star, Shiver Star, Ripple Star, and Dark Star. Amazing Mirror has Rainbow Route, Moonlight Mansion, Cabbage Cavern, Mustard Mountain, Carrot Castle, Olive Ocean, Peppermint Palace, Radish Ruins, and Candy Constellation. Canvas Curse has Reddy Land, Arange Gorge, Iello Adventure, Neo Greo, Bloo Hills, Omarine Zone, Wonder Lilane, and World of Drawcia. Squeak Squad has Prism Plains, Nature Notch, Cushy Clouds, Jam Jungle, Vocal Volcano, Ice Island, Secret Sea, and Gamble Galaxy.

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