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What are the qualities of the Hindu Gods?

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  • The Hindus have an formless God which exists in all of Creation, called Brahman

  • There is a Trinity (called trimurthi) of Creator (Brahma), Preserver (Vishnu) and Destroyer (Shiva or Maheswara.

  • There are incarnations of God in Hinduism. These are called avatars (descent of divinity) - Rama, Krishna and Sai Baba are avatars.

  • There are departmental Gods. If devotees of God seek specific prayers or bequests, they are addressed to the relevant Gods. For example,
  • For rain, one prays to Varuna, god of rain.

  • For learning, one prays to Saraswathi, goddess of learning

  • For wealth, one prays to Lakshmi, goddess of Wealth

  • For removal of obstacles, one prays to Ganesha, who removes the obstacles.

  • For devotion unto God, one prays to Murugan, who is patron of devotees

  • For children, one prays to Devi, the Mother.

  • For intelligence and for protection when travelling, one prays to Gayathri, who bestows her blessings and protection

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