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they start with the rank acadamy student(konohamaru). Then when they graguate, they become genins(low rank ninjas like naruto). If thay pass the chunin exams, they will become chunin(middle rank ninjas like shikamaru). The kage(shadow tsunade) of the village can promote the chunin to jonin(high rank ninja like kakashi) or special jonin(special high rank ninja like ibiki) if the chunin is talented in a certain ninja aspect. The kage is the highest rank a ninja can get to. There are also anbu black ops(sai,yamato) which work directly under the hokage.There are also village advisors(chiyo). They are usually quite old. Also there are missing-ninjas which have no rank at all. Most akatsuki and otokagure members are missing-ninjas. Lastly, there are sannin(legendary-ninjas). there are only 3. (jiraiya,tsunade,orochimaru)

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